Chapter 11: 7 - 12

"...the beast that ascendeth..."

Here we see the very first use, in the Book of Revelation, of the term "beast" as applied to the Antichrist of Chapter 13. Prior to this, we find no mention of this person or the bottomless pit, unless we apply this title to the angel, Abaddon (chapter 9). Again it should be emphasized that angelic beings, unlike demonic spirits, have the ability to manifest themselves in human form (see chapter 9). Therefore, it should not seem unreasonable to consider that the angel, Abaddon, will be manifested in the earth as a man (i.e. "the man of sin"). Just as Jesus is the literal Son of God, there is some Scripture which possibly indicates that Abaddon may literally be the son of Satan. That issue will be covered in chapter 13.

After the two witnesses have finished their 3 1/2 years of testimony, verse 7 tells us that the beast which ascends out of the bottomless pit, will make war against, and prevail by killing them. This seems to coincide with the exact mid-point of the tribulation period (13:2), when he will march into the temple in Jerusalem and declared himself to be God. This too will be covered in more detail in chapter 13.

Finally, the world has found its champion. Who can make war with him? (13:4). No one was able to fight against these two before. Now one has come forward who not only can fight with them, but can prevail and stop the misery they have been causing the world. It will be widely believed that the true messiah has indeed come; and that the real beast, who was dead (17:8) and lived again (Moses), and his false prophet (Elijah) have been killed. Now the true messiah (the Antichrist) can go forward and establish his kingdom on th earth. The human heart will be so depraved in that day, with Scripture totally twisted, that right and wrong will appear to have swap places.

In verses 8-10 we see the bodies of the witnesses on display in the street of Jerusalem, the city spiritually identified by the names "Sodom and Egypt". These two names refer to corruption and bondage, for the holy city is to be trodden under foot by Gentiles (11:2, 9) for 42 months. This time period begins shortly before the mid-point of the tribulation and continues until shortly before the revelation of Jesus (when the Jews regain control of the city (Zech.12:2-9)).

The people who see their dead bodies will rejoice and send gifts to one another thinking their troubles are over. Then only 3/ 12 days later, God will breathe life into the bodies of the witnesses and cause them to stand and ascend up to heaven. The question is now answered: Who is able to make war with the beast? God is able! Not only can He make war with him, but He can also prevail against him!