The Coronation of Jesus

By Clovis E. Miller

Lord so good in all Your ways,
Most Holy One of Ancient Days;
At Thy Side Thy Son does stay
preparing for that awesome day.

Yet in waiting to be crowned,
patient for that trumpet sound
But when He comes with a shout,
and from this world His saints called out;

And when from earth we are gone,
Shall He lead us to that throne.
Saints together shall proclaim
Holy! Holy! Holy! is Thy Name.

Crown Thy Son, oh Lord we pray,
Thy King forever, from this day.
And on His Head shall be layed,
The Crown of crowns for which He paid.

A cloud of witnesses shall behold,
Honor and Glory, on Him bestowed.
For by His Blood that was shed,
Oh Most Worthy One, it shall be said.

Saints shall praise Him all around
With wondrous Music and Thunderous sound
And Heavenly Host shall joyfully sing,
Oh Lord of lords, Oh King of kings!!

(Based on the Book of Daniel, Chapter 7:13-14)

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