By Clovis E. Miller

Predestination is based on the foreknowledge of God. Because He is omniscient, He already knows every decision, every person will ever make in their lives. He knows all of this, even before we are born. He doesn't make our decisions for us, but gives us the free will to choose how we will respond to the various circumstances and issues of life we each face. His first and foremost concern, is the decisions we make about the sin which comes into our lives.

Since He is our creator and knows our lives from the end to the beginning, He already knows what our eternal state is going to be. It's not a mystery to Him. Predestination is not about God choosing who is going to heaven, and who is not. God does not appoint one to be saved and another to be lost. Scripture declares that He is not willing that any should perish. We are the ones making the decisions which will lead us to our eternal destinies, not God. While it is true that God has given us a conscience, whereby He taps on our hearts to do the right thing; we fail many times to exercise our free will to follow through on doing His will.

In truth, there is only one thing to which God has predestinated every human being. That is, that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God.

No one has a choice in this matter. Our choice is not, will we do it; but rather, when will we do it. We will either do it in this life, where we can receive the provisions of salvation; or we will do it on the day of judgment, where it will be revealed that we have rejected that plan. There will be no exceptions: every knee will bow before Him and every tongue will confess the truth.

The term, Predestination, really speaks of God appointing people to be made into the likeness of His Son: people whom He already knows, by His omniscience, will freely make the decisions which lead to eternal life.

So the mystery about our individual destinies is for us to learn , not for Him. God is simply waiting for us to realize the truth He already known about each one of us. Will we follow and serve Him, or not? He already knows! Will we go to heaven, or not? He already knows!

It is for us to find out, the truth which God already knows about each one of us. The choices each of us make in our lives, will ultimate confirm what He knows about us. In the day when He judges us, that truth will be made manifest for all to see.

He will make everyone to know that He is, and always has been, totally aware of everything which occurs in His creation. His greatness and holiness will also be recognized and understood by everything which He has created.

In the end, God will be exonerated of all charges cast against Him; as will those who have followed the right course in their lives, and received Jesus as their Saviour. God knows the name of every one of these, and has pre-determined that they shall be conformed to the likeness of His Holy Son. This is what Predestination is all about.

So. let us examine ourselves to see what truth God knows about us now: and what truth will we realize about ourselves when we stand before Him.

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