Verse 11

"...another beast...two horns like a lamb..."

As we saw earlier, the Beast, in his ascent to power, inflicted a deadly wound upon the kingdom by "plucking up" three of the ten kings who had previously weilded a portion of power in the kingdom. We will now take a look at identifying who these three eliminated leaders might be; and also the three who come on the scene to replace them.

Here in verse 11, we see the rise of a second beastly (person) whose head has two horns like a lamb. We've already seem that heads and horns are indicative of kingdoms or kings, and that the term "beast" has been applied to an individual. The presence of a head for this beast, while not specifically mentioned, is implied by the presence of the two horns.

What appears ultimately as being described in verse 11 is the existence of a "sub-kingdom", or division, within the head (kingdom) of the first beast. This sub-kingdom shall be initially controlled by three of the ten kings (horns). However, these three shall resist the leadership of the Antichrist, causing them to be eliminated and replaced by the three persons who are revealed as the principal power brokers of the second beast (namely, the second beastly person and the two kings (horns) under his authority) .

The second beastly person we are seeing rise up here, is identified later in the Book of Revelation as the False Prophet. He not only is given power over the head (the sub-kingdom) of the second beast, which rises up from the earth; but is also given dominion over the two kings (horns like a lamb), whom it appears, are delegated authority over two regions within this sub-kingdom.

The power exercised by the False Prophet will be delegated to him by the first beast, and will be entirely subservient to his will. Because this person is associated with religious worship (verse 12), his base of operation will be from three religious kingdoms; or we may say communities: " a lamb...", which he shall control.

This is the complementary facet to the political arm of the kingdom: " a leopard..." It's a sort of demonic spin on the Scripture which says, "...the leopard shall lay down with the kid..." (Isa. 11:6). There will be perfect harmony between the two beast of chapter 13; for as we shall see, the latter shall receive his power from the former.

Being in perfect submission to the first beast, the False Prophet will then be able to echo the words of John the Baptist and say, "He must increase, but I must decrease" (John 3:30).

So historically speaking, where can we find three kingdoms which fit the imagery presented here? The answer is quite obvious. There are three substantial religious communities, in the world today, which developed out of the old Roman Empire; and that have maintained their continuity down through the ensuing ages of history. They are: the Roman Catholic, Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches. These three powerful and influential entities, or "kingdoms", represent a combined global population of well over one billion people.

Among these, the sub-kingdom (head of the second beast) would undoubtedly have to be the oldest of the three, which is Church of Rome. Out of it sprang forth the Orthodox Churches of the East, an independent group of churches, which are usually grouped under the heading of "Eastern Orthodox Churches". Constantinople (now Istambul) became the new capital of the Empire in 330. A.D. and the empire was divided into east and west about sixty five years later. With the relocation of the capital of the empire to Constantinople, the city attained the title of the "New Rome". The Church there gained an elevated position due to this, although its power has never rivaled the power of the Roman Church in the west. Continued disputes between the eastern and western churches, especially over Papal supremacy, led to a split in the churches in the year 1054. Finally, out of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Russian Orthodox Church came into being, with Moscow in Russia, being historically referred to as the "Third Rome".

It's a fact, that through the Ecumenical movement, the rift which has seperated these three communities, in ages past, is slowly being healed.

We may see a possible scenario develope as follows.

The so called, "Ravenna Roadmap" (set forth in 2007) is a plan coming into focus, which was formulated by Catholic and Orthodox officials, by which the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches of the East could be reunited. In this plan, the Roman Pontiff would be recognized as the "Primus inter pares" (Latin for: first among equals). His power and decisions concerning the universal church however, would be much more dependent on input from the Patriarchs of the Eastern Churches.

In this merger, each community would retain their respective customs and traditions, but the leaders of the east would subject themselves and their people to the ultimate guidance of the Roman Pontiff.

In the unity of these three religious communities, we can see a possible base of resistance for when the pompous God-hating Antichrist makes his assault on the kingdom, to assume leadership. These three "kings" (the Pope, and the heads of the two eastern communities), who wield a considerable amount of influence over the faithful, will resist his attempt at seizing power. This resistance, may well be based on the decree of the Antichrist, that he is God: a decree that will ultimately be sounded in the very temple of God in Jerusalem (II Thess. 2:3-4).

In short order, these leaders will be "plucked up" and replaced by three more. The second beastly person of Rev. 13:11 (the False Prophet), will quickly assume what would then be the superficial title of "first among equals"; with two other replacement leaders emerging within the two eastern communities, to give their full support to both him and the Beast who removed the first three leaders from power.

Hence, we see a wound unto death by which three kings are removed (Dan. 7:8); and the healing of the wound by which three new kings are instated (Rev. 13:11). Many Catholics now believe that the final Pope, before Jesus returns, will be anti-christ in his leadership. This fits in perfectly with the scenario we see developing here.