First Seal

When the first seal is opened, John sees a white horse having a rider with a bow in his hand. The rider is given a crown and goes forth "...conquering and to conquer." The "white horse" symbolizes hope and security for the future. Unlike the hope and security brought by the rider of the white hores in Rev. 19; 12 (Jesus); this rider brings a false hope and sense of security to the world, which will end in total destruction for those who embrace it.

Here we see one who comes in the spirit of Nimrod, the mighty hunter/ king (Gen. 10: 8 - 12), who is reputed to be the inventor of archery and a master of breaking horses. Verses 10 - 12 of that chapter state that Nimrod was the builder of eight great cities including Babel (Babylon) where the tower of Babel was built.

Ironically, the one who comes in the spirit of Babylon's founder (the antichrist), will ultimately be the one who leads the forces which will destroy that rebuilt city (17:16). The name, Nimrod, means "subdue the leopard". This points to the antichrist of Rev. 13, as the body of the kingdom which he will control is likened to that of a leopard (13:2). The Book of Daniel (chapter 7) makes it clear that the antichrist will indeed subdue that kingdom.