What Jesus has done for You and Me

composed by Clovis Miller

Jesus came into the world
Sent of God
Lived a totally sin-free life.
Proclaimed deliverance, healed the sick, freed the captive and fed the hungry.
Was apprehended, tried and convicted by false accusations;
Reviled, Cursed and Mocked
Spat upon and Beaten.
Dragged the Cross (our sins) out of the Holy City and Godís presence
To a dark place of death which is called the Skull.
And with iron spikes He was ruthlessly and inseparably nailed to the Cross.
In a moment of time, He became fused to the sins of humanity
And in that fusion of the flesh with the tree,
He looked into the future and remembered you and me.
And counted us, though unworthy, as worthwhile,
In so much that He absorbed our sins into Himself
And regarded them as though they were His own.
He spoke not a word to exonerate Himself
but patiently endured the agony of being made sin.
And when He had absorbed all of the poison in the Tree of Death ĖIt Was Finished!
Then He gave Himself up to death in total obedience to the Fatherís will,
Fully assured of the Glory God would receive by His Resurrection;
That in Him life everlasting would spring forth,
Upon as many as will simply believe in
the sacrifice which He has made for each of us that day.

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